A short trip to Bhairab Bazar [July, 2011]

Before this post, it was a long break in my travel blog. I missed writing my travel stories but now its time to say “NO” to missing. I am back here once again. Since I’ve stopped writing blog, I’ve made plan to start blogging for many times, but somehow I couldn’t start it. But in my last short trip to Bhairab Bazar, I’ve decided that anyhow I’ll start.

It wasn’t a tour for photography but I had my camera with me. Actually It was a family tour to my grandfathers home (mother side) and uncles home in Bhairab. Our 25 years old family business is also based on Bhairab Bazar.

Traffic Jam of Jatrabari

We started our journey from Dhaka at 7.15am. Though It was Friday, we found a huge traffic starting from Saidabad. Reason for the traffic is a long “Hortal” schedule by opposition party. Our jeep was moving slowly and when reached “Jatrabari” I planned to take photos from car. Another reason of the traffic jam is Construction of “Jatrabari Flyover”.

This huge construction interrupt daily traffic and causes a huge traffic jam every day in this area. My target was to take photo of the traffic jam and people in highway. At the same time I decided no matter what, I’ll update my blog with this photo. At least that will be a restart :p.

I continued to taking photos upto Kanchpur bridge then packed my camera for that time.

Bhairab Bazar

As it was a short and family tour, couldn’t get much time for photography. Only one site seeing program was enabled in our tour. That is to visit Meghna River bank and Two Bridges of Bhairab Bazar.

Meghna Railway Bridge of Bhairab bazaar is a British structure and developed in British period. This is a very important bridge in Bangladesh Railway as this bridge is connecting Dhaka Division with important Chittagong Division and Sylhet Division. There is no alternative rail communication with these areas. This is a massive steel structure in Bangladesh.

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The other one is 1.2km long, concrete made bridge. official name “Bangladesh-Uk Friendship Bridge”. It took 33 months of Uk based engineering company “Edmund Nuttall Ltd”. This bridge connect Bhairab Bazar and Ashuganj and save minimum 30min for each vehicle which time was required to pass the Meghna river through ferry service.


Hot tourist spot of Bhairab Bazar
These two bridges are located in former “Ferry Ghat” area of Bhairab which become a hot tourist attraction in Bhairab Bazar. Everyday more then 250 people come here in evening for chat, roaming, site seeing etc. People who live near use the river bank to bath and wash cloths as well. This is a very old tradition of Bhairab Bazar.Bhairab Bazar has other few interesting and beautiful spots but those are not as popular as Bridge area is. I’ll try to post another blog or multiple blogs on Bhairab as I am very fascinated on this city as it’s my Birth city and lived there from 1983 to 1999.


Long live Bhairab Bazar.

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